Frequently Asked Questions

Q: "What is weck?"

A: Without getting into the folklore – Weck, is short for Kummelweck. It is a Kaiser roll that has coarse salt and carraway seeds baked into it. We make ours in house. It is very traditional to have a roast beef sandwich on this type of roll in Buffalo. It’s delicious.

Q: "How Hot is your hot sauce?"

A: We like to think that traditional "Buffalo Style" wing sauce (Frank’s Hot Sauce and Butter) has a good kick to it, so that is our mild. We then add increasingly hot pepper blends to get to our Medium, Hot, Extra Hot, and a 9 pepper blend to make our hottest wing yet – we call it, “The Wide Right Wing” It hurts just saying it.

Q: "What the heck is a Famous Plate?"

A: Made Famous in Rochester New York, a plate is a bed of Fries and either cole slaw or mac salad. Then that gets topped with a protein – either a Burger, Chicken Fingers, or our delicious handmade Black Bean Burger. But that’s not all – that pile of food then gets topped with a housemade meat sauce, slivered onions, and Weber’s Horseradish Mustard. Insanity.

Q: "What are your Vegetarian/Gluten Free options?"

A: Celiacs concerns? We suggest that you consider another place to eat and NO business owners ever want to say that. But in Buffalo, we don’t shy away from the carbs – gluten is bound to be everywhere in our kitchen. Apologies, but better safe than sorry. Gluten Free? Anything can come without the bun, and the only thing breaded is our fingers – just ask, and we are happy to modify any menu item to suit. Vegetarians? We have a Black Bean Burger, which is craved by meat lovers, handmade pierogies, a house salad, cole slaw, mac salad and of course – fries and onion rings. You could always just enjoy some Perry’s Ice Cream too ;)